Year of the Party Animal - Single

by Peter Richardson

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Year of the Party Animal (Suite) - Single: conveniently broken into parts one and two for your ease.

-- my description from Tumblr
Here's my new two-part single (with a corresponding full-length to come this summer). As a word of warning: it's really noise-y, perhaps my most noise-oriented (read: "unappealing") recording so far.

But anyway; in pop music, recordings are grouped together and given a (typically square) piece of two-dimensional visual artwork to accompany them. This single, in particular, rocks some of my favorite visual artwork to date. Not to toot my own horn, but I think it looks nice. Its hot pink, after all.

My inspiration and muse during the conception process was the hymn Amazing Grace (John Newton, 1779), as God's grace is perhaps the most mysterious attribute of his character. We know he provides grace to rebellious and evil sinners, but his purposes in doing so are not revealed in any satisfying / robust way, and so we are left to sit and ponder with uncomfortable divine silence. This discomfort was the object of these two pieces, which in tandem make up the one work titled: Year of the Party Animal.

As you listen (its a short piece, totaling ~eight minutes), be uncomfortable - although, I'm sure you already will be without my prompting. As you do so, consider that the almighty, holy God chose to die for fallen, wicked men. God died. Because he loved us so much. That's unbelievable. If you don't think so, you don't get how seriously fucked up you really are. So much so that it took God's death to save you.


released April 1, 2013




Peter Richardson Portland, Oregon

Multi-instrumentalist / composer in mid-twenties out of Portland, Oregon. Music hobbyest. Please do feel free to contact me with comments / criticism at the external links below. Thank you for listening.

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